Past Tours

Tour Agendas

2013 Summer Tour– Grant Cty

2012 Fall TourGreen Bay

2011 Fall TourCalumet Cty

2009 Summer TourC. WI Glaciology

2008 Fall Tour Cranberry Harvest

2008 Summer Tour – Madison Area

2007 Summer Tour – Milwaukee Area

2012 Fall Tour Details

The 2012 Fall Tour was held on Friday, September 21st at the Comfort Suites Hotel {Rock Garden} in Green Bay WI.  The morning consisted of presentations while the afternoon consisted of field demonstrations


An Introduction to Agricultural Tile Drainage, Dr. Panuska, P.E., UW Extension

Drainage Water Management Overview, John Ramsden, P.E., NRCS

Comparison of Nutrient Loss in Surface Runoff versus Tile Flow in Wisconsin Tile Drained Landscapes, Eric Cooley, Discovery Farms

Field Demonstrations:

Overview of Tiling Technology and Drainage Water Management Structures, Larry Jarosinski of Angelica Tile and Field Rep for Agri-Drain

Soil Pit and Tile Smoking Demonstration, Frank Gibbs, NRCS  View Video Here

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